Warranty Policy for CURIO Products

Products under the “CURIO” collection, which are manufactured by Podium Holding Group Co., Ltd. and distributed by Podium Home Center Co., Ltd. have passed the tests
for consumer use in order to guarantee the quality that is up to highest standards. Therefore, we are able to provide a Limited Warranty of our products, covering material and
defects occurred from manufacturing process, under the following warranty terms and conditions.

Product Warranty Terms and Conditions

Products manufactured by Podium Holding Group Co., Ltd. (“The Company”) will receive a 10-year structural warranty for household use and a 2-year warranty for

This product warranty only covers defect occurred only from faulty material and manufacturing process. The company reserves the right to terminate the warranty if the
defection was occurred from other reasons apart from normal use, manufacturing process and faulty material.

This warranty does not include damages incurred by misuse, careless handling of the product, scratches, stains, damages from misassemble, modifications and
transportation, damages from incorrect cleaning, deterioration through age, fungus, rust, termites, moth and scratches or stains that naturally comes with the product,
products sold with conditions, products showcased in showrooms, products sold in clearance sale and products used for commercial or business purposes.

This warranty does not include maintenance, delivery, installation and transportation costs which may occur in the case of off-site service.

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